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I am a licensed real estate property manager in the State of Nevada  –  we handle residential leases in Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, Green Valley and North Las Vegas.  Rachael Cline Real Estate  manages modern, well maintained two, three and four bedroom single-family houses, town homes and condominiums for rent, secured with one-year lease.  Consider the following advice for renters  before leasing a house or condominium in the Las Vegas Nevada area.
Rentals can be held off the market  for a short time during the application process. Start looking at available properties about 30 days before you are ready to sign a lease.

Your credit history is important  when applying for a lease. Some property management companies will not consider an applicant with a previous bankruptcy or foreclosure.

Las Vegas is a busy metropolitan area  –  driving time to and from work can be a real problem. Consider whether or not you want to live close to your place of employment.

Some property owners don't allow pets. Owners who accept pets want to know how many, how old, how large and what breeds.

Application fees vary.  Management companies usually require advance payment of a non-refundable lease application fee authorizing a credit check, and one month's rent plus a refundable security deposit equal to one month's rent if the tenant application is accepted.
Some management companies charge a non-refundable cleaning deposit which can cost the tenant several hundred dollars. I do not charge a cleaning deposit on most properties I manage.

If there's a problem -- whether it's a leaky pipe or lawn sprinklers that don't work, contact management right away to get the problem resolved. Tenants usually pay rent at the beginning of each month. If you're going to be late with the rent payment call the property manager to avoid unnecessary penalties.

Leasing a house isn't like renting an apartment. As the leaseholder you have responsibilities similar to a home owner. Lawn maintenance is important and you will be required to maintain the landscaping and outside appearance of the house in compliance with the community's conditions and restrictions.

I do not recommend 'lease to own' contracts.  A contract sale can cost the tenant extra money every month which is not secured by a mortgage and the tenant does not receive the protection conferred by legal ownership. It's safer and more beneficial to the home buyer to make a normal purchase offer.
Rachael Cline Real Estate  is a full service real estate broker and can assist you in finding a house to lease or purchase.

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